SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide

Theme Leagues

SimLeague Baseball's Theme Leagues allow users to join more unique leagues with rules specifically tailored to what they would like. Themes are highly customizable and rules can be enforced through the Theme League Wizard and the Theme League creator. These leagues are often created for specific eras, teams or leagues throughout baseball history.

To join a Theme, please view available Theme Leagues from the League Options. There are generally tens if not hundreds of options available, so the choice is completely up to the user. The knowledge base has an extensive list of the different types of commonly used Theme league ideas. Most Themes are available to everyone, but some can be private. These require an invitation from the Theme League creator. Sometimes it takes longer to fill Theme leagues, especially those that are very specific. In this case, users can choose to leave the league through customer support, but patience is appreciated.

Before creating a league, we recommend playing in at least one Open and one Theme league to gain experience. Yet, we do offer an incentive. All theme league creators will receive a free SLB season for filling the league.

To create a Theme League, we recommend using the Theme League Wizard. This helpful tool is accessible by creating a league from scratch. Within the Theme League Wizard, there are numerous options for league customization including ten different salary cap options, the ability to use Career players (league-wide restrictions on Page 2) and the Live Draft (page 6) feature that can be used to ensure unique player seasons or careers across the league.

To fill the league upon creation or to find a league to join, we recommend the Theme League Classifieds

After drafting and filling, theme leagues will act like any other league.